Welcome To SMS Technologies

Technology is no longer used by just those “tech savvy” individuals either. Senior citizens are walking around with iPhones and 3 year old children have access to iPads and iPods. Computers are being used by almost every student in school by the time they hit 4th grade. Our society is becoming dependent on technology to communicate with friends and family, finish our work at home or at the office, and now more than ever…. technology is there to entertain us. No matter where you look around we are surrounded by wires and radio waves connecting everything as you know it.

But what would life be like if you didn’t have your cell phone, iPad, or computer? How long could you go without this device? Some people might say a few hours, some might even tell you a day; but the majority of individuals can’t go a second without being connected to the social world! That’s why SMS Technologies was founded. The need arised for a company to understand customer’s needs and to be able to communicate with those customers on a personal level.

Our staff is here to help individuals, businesses, schools and the community stay connected. But we don’t just want clients. We want a relationship with every person that walks through our door. We want to build trust and more importantly, we want to help no matter what the cost.

SMS Technologies asks you (the individual, the business, the educational institution, the non-profit organization), will you let us be your technology company?