About Us


Our story…..

In 2011 while working at the Willow Springs School District I had attempted to earn some extra money on the side by doing odd jobs here and there. Within a few months my reputation began to get around as I started doing more and more service calls. My biggest break came when my wife cracked her phone and then posted it online showing the before and after photos. From there the story just explodes……

I was contacted almost daily to do phone repairs because at the time the closest phone repair shop was in Springfield, MO. I began to get so many calls that I actually began to turn people away because I couldn’t keep up with the demand. But then things changed when the Small Business Incubator in West Plains called asking if I could do a class for them on Excel. While talking with them about the class; Heather Fisher asked about me opening an office in their building. At the time I felt there was no way I could even do something like that since I was working full-time already at the school. But luckily I had a previous student who was “bored” and was willing to work to get the business started for not even wage, but simply a percentage of work that came through the door.

Within a month or two our business grew from just one person doing repairs to almost 4 full-time employees working 40 hours a week. SMS quickly grew into a name that people could trust when it came to mobile device repair…. but I still wasn’t happy. I knew there was a market for computer repair and that was my goal. In late 2014, the doors turned again as we landed our first solid account.

In 2014 we were contacted by Mary Sheid from Physical Therapy Specialists to do an entire network upgrade. From there our name was flying from business to business as we started landing more customers than we could have ever imagined. We relied on word of mouth to let our business grow and we still do today.

This journey has been a blessing to myself and my family and we very excited to meet each new customer that comes through our door.